Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving Day Has Arrived!

How exciting! Today is the day that Danielle and I will be moving the content for True Femme from this blog, to the new site! If you are a follower of this blog, please make sure to follow over at the new site as well. This will ensure that you stay updated on all True Femme news and posts!
We officially launch True Femme on Jan 19th, 2009. Last minute details are being set in stone, but we will still be putting new content up here in the meantime.
Don't forget to tune into "Danielle & Kadi: Uncorked" on Jan 12th, for an announcement about True Femme's launch! If you miss the show, you can always hear it later on the True Femme site. Thanks for making the move with us!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Joining Our Campaign

At first, I was sure that nobody would be brave enough to post pictures of themselves, aside from Danielle and I. After all, it is a very humbling experience to put your untouched photos on display for all the world to see. I was wrong. Apparently, there are other women out there who want to make changes in themselves and are unafraid enough to share their journey with all of us. I'm very pleased with this realization and am proud to introduce our newest partner in the quest to a more fabulous us. Meet Megan:
"I am a 28 year old married mother of two boys ages 7mos and 7 years. I am 5' 2 1/2" tall and currently weigh 138 lbs. My goal is to loose 15 lbs and become more tone and physically fit. Not only would I like to look better, but more importantly, live a healthier lifestyle and feel good about myself."

Thank you, Megan, for overcoming your fears and sharing with us! Anyone else who is interested in sharing your before photos, can email them to me along with your stats and goal info. Sharing your name is totally optional. We cannot wait to see all of the awesome after pictures!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Grab The Corkscrew!

The time has come. We've introduced ourselves. We've unveiled our mission. We posted horrendous pictures of our less than wonderful body parts for you to relate to. And now, the time has arrived to announce:

January 12th, 2009 will mark the first air date of "Danielle & Kadi: Uncorked." What is Uncorked? Here's a short intro:

Tired of the same old boring crap you hear on talk radio? Me too. So Danielle and I created "Uncorked." It is the anti-craptastic show about the shit nobody else has the balls (metaphorically speaking) to talk about! Fair warning: we cuss.

The show will cover topics that most people don't dare touch with a ten foot pole. So why are we? Simply because we feel the need to address even the more taboo issues that women deal with. If we are to be True Femmes, then we need to shed light on all of the things women encounter in life. Of course, Danielle and I will be the ones hosting, so it may include lots of wine discussion and sex jokes. This will not be a show for little ears. We tend to put it all out there and not pussyfoot around!

You are cordially invited to join us next Monday 11am PST, to get a healthy dose of naughtiness!

We are about to publicly sink to new Mer-lows... Get your glass and let us pour you some!