Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready For The New Year

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Monday, December 29, 2008


Please bear with Danielle and I as we make an exciting transition to our new domain and all of the wonderful things that are happening with this project!

We are in the midst of relocating this blog, starting our new show and creating a brand new concept of loving yourself and bringing life changes into fruition! We will keep everyone updated as these changes come about, via a newsletter. Tomorrow, you will be able to sign up for the newsletter, so that the transition will be a smooth one. We hope you all look forward to the new year and the new endeavor that we will be embarking on with you! Thank you for being a part of our journey!~
Kadi and Danielle

Reflecting on 2008

As we teeter on the edge of 2008, I reflect on what the year has brought about for me and my life. Many things have changed and therefor, caused me to change.

This year, I lost a very important person in my life. I struggled to help my son find the hope and courage to want to live. I let the nation peer into the life of my family. I felt the hurtful verbal wrath of strangers, as a result. I made many new friends and lost a few as well. I was reunited with a dear cousin who I'd been estranged from for many years. I left my 20's and entered my 30's. I battled depression and am winning. I got to see the great compassion of people and also the severe lack of. I also got to see both in myself. I have come out of this year a different woman.

Everything that 2008 held for me, made me a better person. The challenges tested my strength and faith. The celebrations kept me motivated. The dark moments made me question myself and clarify who I really am and want to be. The people I've met have all had an impact on my life's path in some way. I find all of the moments very instrumental in helping me become the person I am. The good and bad all seemed to harmonize into a symphony that is both haunting and euphonious. It is a strange and beautiful thing...life. I am blessed to have the life that I do and I look forward to everything that the new year brings.

I encourage you all to take a few moments to reflect on this past year and journal or share how you have changed.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Beauty Is You

What is beauty?

It is not a dress size.
It cannot be bottled and sold.
Beauty is not a label.
It is not a word reserved for the perfect.
It is not flawless skin.
It is not perfect coiffures and perky breasts.
Beauty is not grace.
It is not lengthy legs
or hourglass figures.
Beauty is not full, pouty lips.
It is not what you see in glamour magazines.
Beauty is not something to be achieved.
It is not something to be coveted.
It is not at all what you think it is.
Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is weathered hands from doing laundry.
It is the uneven proportions of the common woman.
It is ivory, ebony and every color in between.
Beauty is the sweat beaded brow from childbirth.
It is the tears of pain and joy that fall from loving eyes.
It is the lines etched from a mother's worry.

Beauty is truth.
Beauty is courage.
Beauty is compassion and generosity.
It is plump, it is thin.
It is tall, it is short.
It is what stares back at us in the mirror,
longing to be recognized.
Beauty is real.
Beauty is you.
Beauty is in the eye of she who chooses to see it in herself.